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Jun 8 '13
Metaside - Breaking Frames LP Previews

Metaside has been hitting it bass heavy since 98” when he was first introduced to turntables and now today he currently is using Ableton live’s digital platform.  When listening to his music now, one can still hear that his roots are deeply influenced from his past experience with vinyl turntables and more importantly the reliability of the analogue sound. Metaside’s uses ableton live for his current productions does not constrict his art or ruin it. He still manipulates the digital platform to his advantage by making it sound organic as if everything was recorded live or made with analogue synths. His approach to music is really versatile and his expertise shines from one track to another. This german composer is able to maintain, embrace and balance the story behind his sound. His current production is influenced by his obsession with bass that is surrounded by earthy tones; meanwhile he has the audacity to introduce complexity within and around it whenever he desires. From electronica to hiphop, this talented composer has produced all kinds of music and is never stagnant to one genre. 





Ambientstep, Chillstep, Chillout, Melodic Electronica, Experimental, Dubstep, IDM.

Dec 3 '12
Ourtiders - Dancing Room EP Preview

Look what I just found on SoundCloud:

Oct 5 '12
Punks Jump Up feat Dave1 - Mr Overtime
Sep 18 '12
COMING HOME (Vanguard Remix)

COMING HOME (Vanguard remix) Free Download, I would have posted this with my original post..

but this will have to do.


Coming Home // RNB is available from iTunes now:
Produced by Diamond Cut.
Artwork & Video by Oskar Gullstrand. Triangle & VISITOR font by Bose Collins.

Sep 5 '12

The debut solo release from Machine 475 co-founder Forrest James.

I am so happy to present “Under The Chrome Sea” to you. Nine months in the making, this concept album is a special gift that came to me at a very unsettling, but beautiful, time in my life.

I’ve always wanted to work on a concept album. As an art form I really admire them in a way that “single” culture can’t ever touch for me. On top of that I planned from the beginning to release this album on vinyl, so whilst composing I was also considering timing, song placement, and how length affects sound quality. It has been an enjoyable voyage to new, welcome, terrain. Needless to say, I studied the 1970’s and 80’s and how the idea of the album was approached in that era. “Under The Chrome Sea” is the result of all these meanderings and more.

Recorded at my home studio in Lynn, Massachusetts, in Salem, Massachusetts, London, U.K., and on the road.

Moog Little Phatty, MiniMoog, Casio CZ-1000, Linn Drum, Yamaha RX11 Drum Machine, Musicman Sting Ray Bass, American Deluxe Fender Stratocaster, Larrivee Acoustic Guitar, Fender Super-Sonic Amp, a Mark Bass Combo Head II, Shaker, Tambourine, and Ableton Live,

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Special thanks goes to my co-producer Juliette Fritsch, photographers Lucio Lecce and Henry Hung, videographer Shawn Morrissey, objective ear on-call, and Casio lender, Steve Zimmerman, and Bob Melvin for his gift of the Yamaha RX11.

I would also like to thank all of my fellow musicians in Salem/North Shore of Boston, especially Radio Scotvoid and Richard Lewis for keeping the pulse moving forward!

Aug 26 '12
Gossip Culture - 03 - Just Fine With You (Tommy Remix)

"Just fine with you" by Gossip Culture with remixes from Hemingway and Tommy

dreamy visions of science fiction, love and nostalgia permeate the music of Cleveland’s Gossip Culture, aka Ryan Sheridan, surrounded by warm electric pianos, crisp guitars and disco beats with an admiration for 1980s Sophisti-Pop, Post-Punk, Synth Pop and R&B. 2011 saw the release of Gossip Culture’s debut EP “People Talk” (written and produced by Sheridan) available on CD & iTunes. The Gossip Culture live band includes Bob Young, Hazel Odin and Mike D.  

click below to listen to the set

Aug 10 '12
mitch murder - heading south (nite sprite remix) free download

Mitch Murder- Heading South( nite sprite remix)

Nite Sprite’ is the name and music describing the anti-hero’s cinematic journey taking place in a retro-futuristic 80’s


Aug 1 '12
Marbeya Sound - Rachels Vision (Original Mix)

Rachel’s Vision by Marbeya Sound is the culmination of their sound that prepares their listeners for their upcoming album. Back in 2009 Belgium’s Eskimo Recordings set the bar with their compilation Cosmic Balearic Beats, and a new breed of producers & music emerged. From that search of raw talent breathes Marbeya.
After a slew of releases on important labels like Tirk, Smash Hit Records, Mad On The Moon, the band come home to Mexican label Electrique Music. Coming with them to remix their epic track is Norway’s finest Ytre Rymden Dansskola, and Italy’s prime ministers The Love Supreme.